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We're testing a referral program to reward our customers (you!) for sharing Marmalead with the Etsy community.

You as our customer are our greatest evangelist.

In our survey, many customers said they would share with other sellers they talk to one-on-one, Facebook Groups, Etsy Forums, Etsy Teams, and YouTube to name a few.

How it Works

You refer Etsy sellers to Marmalead, and as long as they remain a customer, you'll keep credit for referring them.

2 Customers = 50% off your Marmalead subscription.

4 Customers = FREE Marmalead!

We're going to be testing this in August. Your discount will be applied starting October 1st. So try to lock in as many referrals as you can this month!

This is based on monthly plans, we'll adjust Quarterly and Annual accordingly.

What’s in it for my friends??

First they’ll get a 5 day free trial.

Then they’ll get the satisfaction of using Marmalead to grow their sales just like you!

Get started referring! We want you and
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While logged into Marmalead, go to to get your unique URL for sharing.

Get out there and share your link with other Etsy Sellers :)

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