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Looking to increase your Etsy sales? The key isn't just visibility—it's strategic visibility. While many sellers rely on Etsy ads, social media, and off-site promotions, there's a more effective strategy awaiting you: one that places your products in front of the right shoppers who are ready to buy.

Introducing Marmalead for Etsy Sellers

Harness the power of machine learning and AI, tailored specifically for Etsy sellers. With Marmalead, your products don't just get discovered—they're found by shoppers ready to make a purchase. Our data-driven analytics empower you to optimize your listings, attract your target demographic, and ensure timely sales to satisfied customers.

Why Choose Marmalead?

  • Proven Results: Half of Marmalead users achieve over 7x the revenue of an average Etsy shop. Moreover, all Marmalead clients boast up to 4x more earnings than the average Etsy seller.
  • Empowerment: We equip dedicated sellers with the tools to make impactful decisions, ensuring their listings aren't just visible, but primed for success.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Benefit from comprehensive analytics that provide clear insights, allowing you to stay ahead of market trends.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilize state-of-the-art machine learning and AI specifically designed for Etsy's marketplace.
  • Time Efficiency: Spend less time guessing and more time creating. Marmalead streamlines your SEO strategy, freeing up time so you can focus on creating a product that sells.
  • Continuous Improvement: Marmalead is always evolving. As Etsy changes, so do we, ensuring you're always equipped with the latest strategies and tools.

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Why should you choose Marmalead?

"I am grateful to have such an awesome tool that I can recommend, that I KNOW will help take my client's handmade online shops to the next level."

- Sarah, CEO Flourish at Artisan Indie

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Say goodbye to guesswork. Marmalead delivers genuine keywords that shoppers are using, ensuring you understand their performance impact on your listings.

  • Popular Etsy Tags
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Similar Shopper Searches
  • Tailored Keyword Suggestions


Discover actionable insights, setting you a step ahead of your competitors. With Marmalead, gain clarity on your market position and understand the pricing landscape for products similar to yours.

  • Keyword Engagement Insights
  • Forward-looking Keyword Search Forecasting
  • Insights on Seasonality & Emerging Trends
  • Precise Competition Meters


Craft your listings with confidence. With Marmalead's grading system, you'll be armed with clear SEO and Sales Factors, shedding light on your listings' performance and areas of improvement.

  • Letter Grades for Individual Listings
  • Comprehensive SEO Effectiveness Metrics
  • Detailed Sales Factors
  • Focus Keyword Engagement Analysis

Marmalead uses machine learning to take the guesswork out of Etsy SEO. Spend less time hoping your listings will be found in search, and more time creating the products you love.

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"As someone who runs a business on Etsy, I find Marmalead to be invaluable. If you want Etsy to be more than a hobby; Marmalead will help take you to the next level and stay at the top!

-Michelle, Four Letter Word Cards

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