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  • HALF of Marmalead customers outperform the average non-Marmalead Etsy shop by 7X
  • All shops who stay with Marmalead outperform the average Etsy shop by almost 4X
  • Top 10% of Marmalead customers outperform the average Etsy shop by 25X
  • Using Keyword Forecasts to maximize being found
  • How to get your products found with real shopper keywords in 2021
  • Using your listing grades to find opportunities
  • Putting MarmaMeters to work
  • Using Storm for brainstorming
  • Comparison tool for narrowing down keywords
  • Keyword Search tool for deeper research


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  • See why the average Etsy shop that stays with Marmalead outperforms the average Etsy shop by almost 4X
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